We never realize the amount of time we spend in school and how the teachers are practically your second family. As school kicked off with Years 12 and 13 leading the charge it was wholesome to see, that teachers have gone above and beyond to welcome all the students back. School used to be placed where you either hated it or feared it, but with a welcome back party( of the sorts) everyone seems to be stoked to get back to school. Banners are a thing and it makes a difference!!!


I don’t know about anyone else but the fact that someone took out the time to make posters and welcome home banners is something that motivates the shizz out of me. (Want to go back to school……..maybe not). These are just some pictures we could find online. Well, it’s safe to say that as things start to normalize we get to see the beautiful side of these isolating times. All you heard today when people saw their school pages were “they never did this for us” *wailei !!.

We’ll give you an update when the Primary schools open.