If you have a mate, that you know is cheating on you…DON’T CONFRONT THEM ABOUT IT!

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Listen to why….

Don’t confront them about it because…. every time you confront them about..you know…”I saw this on your phone..”, “where was you at?..”, “you took too long to get back..”, all the obvious signs that they cheating on you, what you’re doing is you’re teaching them to cheat better.

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Cause they’ll say, “let me stop doing that..let me do this differently..”, that’s how people be like, “I was in a relationship with someone for all these years, they cheated on me for all these years..”, because you kept coaching them on how to do it better by keeping on confronting them about what you already knew.

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Let me tell you what you gotta do instead….
If somebody is cheating on you or doing anything foul, what you do is…you observe what’s going on and then you get yourself together so you can leave, the only announcement that you need to make is “I’M OUT!”

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I know it’s gonna hurt…but you know what’s gonna hurt more?… is you teaching them how to cheat better and then being stuck in something and then years later…the inevitable happens which is that THEY LEAVE YOU, because they know that you know and they don’t respect you anymore because you tolerated what they were doing all along.

So stop telling people that you know, just wait…get yourself together and leave 🙂