Balenciaga’s latest collection of handbags, inspired by potato chip packaging, is revolutionizing the perception of this beloved snack. Created by Demna, the artistic director of the Spanish luxury fashion house, these unique purses debuted on the Paris Fashion Week runway in 2022, drawing immediate attention for their clever mimicry of popular chip brands.


Originally slated for release in the Spring/Summer 2023 collection, the bags, priced at $1,800 ($3,933.56 FJD), were met with anticipation.


After months of speculation, Demna teased a revamped version of the chip bag on Instagram in October 2023, signalling its imminent release. Last week, he officially unveiled the redesigned bags, now available for purchase at a staggering $1,750 ($3,933.56 FJD). Despite their steep price tag, these calf-skin handbags are gaining traction among fashion enthusiasts, available in three “flavours”: Salt and Vinegar, Cheese & Onion, and Spicy Chili.


While the status of Balenciaga’s collaboration with Frito-Lay remains uncertain, it appears the fashion house has proceeded independently with the concept. Demna, known for his innovative designs and penchant for controversy, has remained tight-lipped about the collaboration.


However, it’s evident that his affinity for chips played a significant role in the creation of these statement accessories. Balenciaga’s commitment to transforming everyday objects into high fashion is evident, echoing previous ventures such as the $2,000 ($4,495.50 FJD) IKEA bag and the $1,800 ($4,045.95 FJD) trash bag pouch, which sparked discussions about consumerism and luxury.