A U.S. man has set a remarkable milestone by devouring over 34,000 McDonald’s Big Macs, solidifying his position as a Guinness World Records holder. Don Gorske, aged 70, initially clinched the title in 1999 and recently expanded his record by consuming an additional 728 Big Macs in 2023, as confirmed by Guinness World Records.


Man, 70, has eaten a record 34,000 Big Macs in his lifetime


Formerly indulging in nine Big Macs daily, Gorske has now scaled back to just two, enjoying one for lunch and another for dinner. Committed to maintaining his well-being, he steers clear of french fries and ensures a daily six-mile walk.


Reflecting on his enduring accomplishment, Gorske remarked, “Many people thought I’d be dead by now, but instead, I’ve maintained my Guinness World Records title for 24 years—an achievement I find quite rewarding.”


Despite his decades-long Big Mac odyssey, Gorske insists he still savours each bite, often evoking the awe of onlookers who perceive his enthusiasm as if it were his inaugural tasting.


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Hailing from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Gorske’s journey with Big Macs began in 1972, sparking an enduring affection. He meticulously preserves the receipts and containers of every burger consumed. Amidst media attention, Gorske faced ridicule from inmates during his tenure as a prison officer, yet found solace in the camaraderie of fellow guards who supported his culinary preference, even sneaking in Big Macs during double shifts.


True to his routine, Gorske’s diet revolves primarily around Big Macs, occasionally punctuated by a modest evening snack such as ice cream, a fruit bar, or potato chips. Notably, each Big Mac, comprising two beef patties and three bread slices, packs 590 calories, prompting health experts to caution against excessive fast food consumption.