We all know we don’t have any control over where we are born that’s a fact, so imagine being born into wealth. Now imagine being a dog that’s born that have more figures than an average Fijian. In simple terms this DOG has more money then the both of us combined!!

Meet the designer dog with a wardrobe worth more than $156,000 and a miniature Lamborghini to scoot around in.

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Seven-year-old Coco is spoilt for choice daily on what to wear, with Louis Vuitton and Gucci hanging in her closet, and 14 different beds to pick from every night. The peek-a-poo (Pekingese/ poodle cross) has over 100 tutus to style and receives £400 worth of treats, toys and clothes every month.

This lucky pup doesn’t just dress to impress – she eats in style too, out of Tiffany and Co dog bowls costing $450 each.

Spoilt pooch has £56,000 designer wardrobe, 14 beds, Tiffany bowl and pink Lamborghini - Mirror Online

Owner Alina Michaels, 32, from Sydney, Australia, makes Coco’s birthday the biggest event of the year and spends more than $11,048.31 on an extravagant theme. ( This has been converted to Fijian Dollars)

Alina says

“Coco is my fur baby; she deserves the world. I’ve spent thousands at this point, but I just love dressing her in clothing items that I love.

“She’s got dresses, jumpers, harnesses, necklaces, and flower crowns. She has about 500 or more items altogether in her wardrobe.

“She’s got a Tiffany and Co collar worth £312, as well as a Versace bathrobe worth £140, and a Gucci bow tie which cost £112.

She adds

“As she’s a bit of an Instagram star, she’s well known for her ‘Tutu Tuesday’ posts, she has about 100 or so of those in a range of colours like pink, blue, purple and oranges.

“She looks fabulous in bright colours, but I love dressing her in pink things.”

The list of possessions for Coco goes on and before I make you jealous over a dog… Just have a question Alina Micheals are you looking for a new dog because I identify as a DOG!!!


[Source: DailyUK]