This is probably the last thing you want to see in your rearview mirror in a world full of road hogs.

Canines are being taught to drive by experts in animals.

Remarkably, it only took three mutts eight weeks to get the hang of things in wooden carriages.

After that, they advanced to a modified Mini, where they sat in the driver’s seat on their haunches and gripped the steering wheel with their paws. Their paw rests on the gearstick, and their feet move on extension levers that are connected to the brake and accelerator.

In an effort to demonstrate the dogs’ intelligence to the public, a New Zealand animal protection organization trained them to operate a vehicle.

The canines have been trained to drive around an enclosed test centre in specially constructed wooden carts.

The organization is hoping that people would be so taken in by the creatures that they will decide to adopt them and other similar animals.