Allow me to introduce you to Seru, Eliki, Jiuta, Tevita, and Samu—bright, industrious youths striving to earn some additional income as they prepare for the upcoming school term. Despite attending different schools, these boys, ranging from Year 7 to Year 9, share a strong bond as they reside in the same close-knit neighbourhood.



During a recent interview, they candidly shared their aspirations to use the funds they earn for essential items to support their families once school recommences.



Their initiative and dedication to securing employment during their free time are commendable, reflecting a sense of responsibility beyond their years. As they embark on this journey to earn pocket money, we extend our support and encouragement, hoping they find plentiful opportunities to fulfil their goals in the second term of the academic year.



You can follow their inspiring journey and witness their efforts firsthand through engaging video updates shared on Facebook by Tegumailagi Toganivalu, who captures the essence of their hard work and determination in her insightful video captions.


If you live within the Namadi Heights, Tamavua and Wailoku corridor, keep an eye out for these young lads and help support them.

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