I think there’s an unspoken rule in Fiji where there are certain things that just should not be allowed to be used as a grog chaser … EVER!

I won’t exactly be listing them down because there were plenty of suggestions coming through, but if you wanna read up on some of them and even add your own, you can just click on this Facebook post.

I added one from a personal experience where I saw someone having a mother of a bongo chillie as their chaser and I instantly thought that they were either insane or just straight from the depths of Hades, because WHO DOES THAT?!

That doesn’t change the fact that some of the suggestions that were given were just as bizarre.

Here are some screenshots of the comments on the post that made me cringe and gag.






That last one is probably enough to convince me to give up grog for a life, but there are so many more comments on that post if you wanna check it out.

If you know of any weird grog chasers, you can add them in the comments section here.