When we were kids Diwali or Deepawali was one of those holidays that you couldn’t wait for……the whole thing made us feel like we were in a different universe. From the lights to the smell of sweets everything was all so magical.

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Well, it’s magical until the moment when the Pataka that’s supposed to fly and explode in the sky….. starts chasing you. At that time I thought the fireworks were heat-seeking missiles and it was the longest 2 minutes of my life trying to dodge them like I was in the matrix or what.  Not to be dramatic but I seriously thought I was going to get cooked and at such a tender age too LMAO.

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How did it happen?

Well, long story short my cousins didn’t secure the concrete blocks that were wedging and holding the firecrackers down, and till this day they still haven’t owned up to fact that they messed up. At the time it was a great talanoa to tell other kids of how I narrowly escaped the heat of the firecracker blasts.( A story that was very much exaggerated )

Why is this story important?

Well not everyone will be lucky like yours truly, thus the reason we must be careful and make sure that all the Pataka works are watched carefully under adults supervision and please make sure you’re far away from your tavale.

So enjoy the lights, sweets and firecrackers basically the whole magical feel of Diwali and please try not to get cooked.