So if you’re a GROGGER, you’ve come to the right place.

The festive season is here and it brings so much cheer but the harsh reality of the aftermath of excessive kava consumption is nothing to be ashamed of….well it kinda is sorry. Trust us to say that we’ve tried it all out and here are a couple of soft cures.


This is at the top of the list cause when we drink grog we basically replace water and other important stuff with the earthy greatness of kava. So it’s important for you to try and sweat it out, some gang play sports in the afternoon, we have the gym-goers this is a side note that this is a one in a thousand chance because if you’re a dedicated Kava lover you’re not the most “let the gains begin” kind of person.

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We can put the “just drink water” guy here, mainly cause they think everything is solved when excessively drink water ( we’re here cause you’ve overdone the whole grog thing). Water is good for the body but you know that there is such a thing as drinking too much water, but if your add some ORS….now we’re talking. It’s not the easiest thing to drink but if you can grog you can do the whole ORS situation. I feel like we’ve missed a couple of steps before reaching the whole salt scene.

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STOP DRINKING GROG EVERY DAY. Who am I kidding you’re here cause you want an instant fix to your problem but the truth is you just have to pace yourself this festive.

Vacava MIX?