Scientists have found that your birth order, can determine your future.

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Say a sibling of three:

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-The oldest child: is known to be a really good leader in business.
: they’re very competitive
: They’re also said to have a lot of money; now I don’t know about y’all but…this, I CANNOT RELATE TO! (*cries in broke*)
Also, half of the noble peace prize winners are the oldest in their families.

-Middle children: is said to be very good negotiators.
: They’re closer to their friends than they are to their
: They’re very level headed.

Famous people that are the middle child in their families include, Bill Gates and Martin Luther King Jnr

The youngest child is said to be very charming, creative and funny.
: They can also be very manipulative when they want to et their way, and they’re also said to earn more than the oldest and the middle child.

Celebrities that are the youngest in their families are, Ariana Grande and Harry Styles.

Most of this is actually true though. 🙂