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Returning to school after a break can often be filled with funny and memorable moments.  This year tops it all TBH. 🥴😂😂😂😂

So my friend’s niece is such a delight. Whenever she gets something new and in bulk, she’ll share it with the other kids. So this year, Betty (we’ll call her Betty), joined the other Class One students with a new uniform, new shoes, a new bag, a pencil case filled with pencils, a rubber, a sharpener and coloured pencils.

Stationery - Pack 1 - Grade R/1

Before leaving for school, Betty’s mom advised her to keep her school stationaries in her bag when not in use so they could last her the whole year. Betty nodded excitedly and ran out to catch her transport.

A few hours later, after school by the way. Betty’s mom got home and asked Betty how her first day of school went….. Betty excitedly shared her experience and told her mom that she also made a lot of new friends.

The next day, Betty’s mom asked her to bring her school bag so they could pack her lunch and all. As she brought her school bag, Betty’s mom realised that her school bag was empty. 😂😂😂😂

Lil Miss Betty went to school and distributed her school stuff to the kids in her class. The only thing that came back home in her school bag was her lunch box and her lunch box bag.😂😂😂😂

First day back to school, reminds us that even amidst nerves and excitement, there’s always room for laughter and unexpected moments

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