As Fijians, we’ve all seen a SULU-VAKATAGA and it’s that one attire that you’d probably wear to work or to special occasions. Every Fijian man should always have something for Eid, Diwali, and a sulu-vakataga with bula shirts in their wardrobe. So it came as a surprise when watching Red Hot Chillie Pepper’s live performance on Jimmy Kimmel, that there was a Sulu flapping about.

Australia Bassist for RHCP was Flea wore a black sulu and it was the most thing ever. Nothing brings the spirit of patriotic-ness until you see something you know worn by a ROCKER!!

Don’t believe me check this out;

Now that was a cool performance, but now we’re interested to know how Flea got his hands on a SULU-VAKATAGA( Sulu with pockets). Does he have links to Fiji or another Pacific Island that has Sulus?? Time to dig deeper

Update you soon.