It’s rare for any dog to reach 100 kilograms, let alone a stray one, but Krugets, a stray dog living in the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod, has become so fat that he can barely get up.

The Great Dane, the world’s largest dog breed, weighs between 300 (136 kg) and 400 pounds (181 kg), but for a midsize stray dog to weigh just under 220 pounds (100 kg) is somewhat of an oddity. Volunteers in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, recently found a stray dog so fat that he howled in pain every night, and barely managed to get up on all fours because of the unbearable joint pain. The dog had to be placed on a large scale by several people, and his weight reportedly stunned everyone. Krugets weighed a whopping 99.9 kilograms (220 lbs) and no one could understand how a stray could become so heavy.

W“At the moment, the dog has already been examined by a nutritionist, we took blood tests, but many more tests will be required to exclude endocrine pathologies,” one of the volunteers who rescued Krugets said, adding that a possible explanation for the dog’s extreme obesity could be the fact that he hangs around a busy market where people often throw dogs food scraps.

“It is almost impossible to conduct a full examination of him,” a VK post by the volunteers reads. “An x-ray is required, but to carry it out the dog must lose at least 50 kg because the rays simply will not penetrate the joints.”