This morning was an interesting one for me and it’s definitely one for the books.

At around 3 am (I’m assuming), our house got broken into and some of our belongings were taken including my phone and both my husband’s laptop bag and my work bag.

So, this is how I found out about the whole thing.

My husband woke me up at 3:47 am to tell me that our house got broken into and that there was a lady standing outside who had brought back my phone because she heard its alarm going off at 3:30 am. She only realized it was my phone when our receptionist from work was calling to speak to me.

She brought my phone back which is how I found out that our house got broken into. She even asked if she could use my phone to call the cops because the thief took all of their phones and she had no way to call anybody.

I gave her my phone while my husband looked around the house to see if anything else was taken.

We noticed that both our work bags were missing with my husband’s laptop bag missing as well.

We tried to just recollect our thoughts at first, because our house had never been broken into in the past before, so this was very new for us.

I went outside to get my towel to get ready for work and that’s when I saw both of our bags outside with all their contents intact except for the money in my wallet.





Even my deodorant was emptied out and the empty can was thrown out onto our front yard, so whoever broke into our house  just needed some cash and to smell fresh lol

If you’re wondering how he got into the house, we noticed that some of our louvre blades were missing from the windows, so now we have to get those things replaced asap.

All jokes aside,  it was a pretty scary thing to think about as we were all in the house when it happened and although none of us got hurt, our privacy and safe space were violated which should never have happened in the first place.

This is your reminder to make sure you have a foolproof security system, whether it’s a sturdy lock on your doors and windows, an alarm, or a dog! Keep your safe space safe.

This is something I’d never wish even on my enemies, so please be safe.