There is bound to be a convenience store near every house in Fiji. These stores help us during the most trying times. The majority of these shops have anything and everything that one could need for their day to day to life.

Now, there may be times when one might need a particular necessity immediately but does not have the financial means to attain it. That’s where one may credit or as the local term goes “dinau.”

This may be well and good in some situations where the shopkeeper is willing to wait for payment. However, this isn’t always the case and some may not be as lenient.

One thing to bear in mind when crediting from your local shop is that the shop workers need to make a living. There have been a few cases when people delay their payment or just don’t pay at all. In turn, this makes it all the more difficult for shop owners to complete their own process of payments for the goods.

Down the line, this could the overall performance of the store and may even cause it to shut down.

If you have a pending balance, at your earliest convenience, pay your dinau and make the lives of our friendly shopkeepers better and easier.