I know most people enjoyed their long weekend with Monday being a holiday and all, but there was someone who went through quite the challenge

For many, the Long Weekend meant a picnic with the family, for those working it meant double time but for Drix it meant a lesson he would never forget

Saturday morning Drix woke up with a stiff neck after sleeping like a contortionist

He ended up stuck with this neck injury for the entire weekend

Now the lesson he learned from this is… if you have a stiff neck (which can be easily solved) is to never tell your family members about it

Because the moment you do, they will attempt to solve it

And in some cases, it works, but in other cases… it can get pretty bad

Long story short, from stretching the neck to help it heal… after being massaged by two close family members, Drix currently can’t move his neck at all

Now I know you might be thinking, oh man that’s tough, wait, it gets worse

So on Sunday the Drix and his family decided to have a movie putting, unfortunately, they arrived late, and the only seats available were the ones right in front

Drix spent the entire movie straining to look up which kinda just made things worse

Wishing him a speedy recovery

Hopefully, this story will make you appreciate the ability to look around and appreciate life happening around you