Sushiya no Nohachi, a restaurant in Tokyo, is well-known for its trick of creating the tiniest sushi in the world with just one rice grain. The sushi is said to be excellent.


For the world’s cutest and cutest sushi, head to Sushiya no Nohachi, which is situated in Asakusa, a somewhat more tranquil area of Tokyo. All that’s needed to assemble each piece is a single grain of rice, a small amount of topping, and the thinnest possible piece of nori. The fact that each piece that is presented is flawless actually gives you an idea of how much effort and patience goes into creating them.


These are the creations of Sushiya no Nohachi’s chef, Hironori Ikeno, who had the idea in 2002 in response to a customer’s inquiry about the smallest amount of sushi he could create. “As small as a grain of rice,” was his response, and he then proved that he wasn’t joking. The restaurant gained worldwide recognition over time for producing the tiniest sushi in history.


Because it requires more focus and expertise to assemble the little components, making micro sushi actually takes a little longer than making regular-sized sushi.


Sushiya no Nohachi only makes tiny sushi platters for customers a few times a week and no more than five times a day in part because of this, though they occasionally make an exception for foreign guests who come to the restaurant specifically to try the tiniest sushi in the world. It’s interesting that Sushiya no Nohachi doesn’t just let you order the little sushi platter.


When paired with a standard-sized sushi course, which runs about $50, it is provided for free upon request. You ought to be more thrilled about the sushi they serve here, as it is said to be excellent. Furthermore, it provides justification for Sushiya no Nohachi’s well-known gimmick.