While some, wish and hope someone would just get down on one knee and pop “the big” question, others are out here doing all they can to avoid the question.

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Sooo…apparently, best friends (Amy and Linda), or shall I say “ex” best friends ended their friendship because Linda broke up with her boyfriend when she found out that he was going to propose.

Linda and her now “ex” dated for about 5 years, and throughout these years, the guy would pay for her tuition as she was studying law (and we all know how expensive that must’ve been) and rent, and paid for everything and anything that our dearest Linda wanted.

Everyone thought they were happy and would one day spend the rest of their lives together……

Long story short….Linda broke up with her “ex” a day after she graduated Law school…turns out, she was just using him and wasn’t really into being with him for the long run.

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When asked, why she ended things, Linda said “He was too perfect”…

Ma’am do you know how many of us would looovveee “perfect”!

I swear, sometimes I don’t understand how the human brain works and why it makes us make such bad decisions!

* cries in single *