This morning, the Crackfast Show had Tifa and Penny in the studio while Bunene went to the Rabuka Gym with George for the FM96 Muck Around and Find Out – their episode for today was based on what early morning gym sessions are like.

For context, the FM96 Muck Around and Find Out is a web series hosted by Bunene and George where they go out early in the morning and find out things that the average person would usually have questions about ie. What time do you have to leave Nausori to get to work by 8am?



Today’s episode was about how common it actually is for people to train so early in the morning which would explain why Bunene and George were at the Rabuka Gym so early in the morning.

Once there, the only thing that was left for them to do was to use the equipment and try to blend in with the other gym members that were already training there.



The only problem was that Bunene didn’t know how to use most of the equipment. This problem was solved quite quickly because lucky for them, a Suva Grammar track athlete was training as well.

Nathaniel Khan, an intermediate athlete for SGS, then stepped in to help Bunene use some of the equipment in the gym.

He also was able to teach Bunene how to do chin ups, which by the way, Bunene did not know how to do.

Unsurprisingly, even after being taught how to do chin ups, she still looked absolutely ridiculous attempting the exercise, but it was great to see them having so much fun together so early in the morning.



Even if gym sessions aren’t your cup of tea, maybe just having a laugh with your fellow gym buddies, like Bunene and George, would do the trick to set the tone for the rest of your day.

FM96 Muck Around and Find Out’s 3’rd Episode will be loaded later today.