Sandra Bullock has announced she’ll be taking a well-deserved break from acting.

She’s not sure how long she’ll be on hiatus, but she needs to be in a place that makes her ‘happier’ while taking care of her children, Louis, 12 and Laila, 10.

“That’s where I’m gonna be for a while.”

Credit: Alamy/Francis Specker
Credit: Alamy/Francis Specker

Bullock has two upcoming film projects – The Lost City and Bullet Train – which are set to be released later this year.

Her latest upcoming action-comedy flick, The Lost Citycentres around Bullock, who plays Loretta Sage, a best-selling romance novelist who writes stories about hero Dash, played by shallow cover model Alan Caprison (Channing Tatum).

Credit: Alamy/Paramount Pictures
Credit: Alamy/Paramount Pictures

While on her book tour, Loretta is kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire and deranged fan, Abigail Fairfax (Daniel Radcliffe), who believes in the lost city Loretta writes about in her book and demands her to reveal its secret location.

Despite having no previous survival skills, Caprison is forced to rescue her.

The Lost City will be released on March 25

Despite taking a step back from acting, Bullock will still be behind the scenes producing a few upcoming projects. So stay tuned!

(Source: Ladbible)