Brisbane-based, MR. MR will be one of the headlining performing acts at Fiji Showcase 2024. The Samoan dance group are unknown for their electrifying all-male Polynesian performances.




They don’t just perform, they also educate through their very own Siva Academy. In which they teach traditional Polynesian acts to aspiring dancers.



It is worth noting that the group has made significant waves with their high-energy dance routines which won then spots in prestigious events like the Australia EOY (End of Year) Show 2023 and the BITW (Best in the World) Show in Australia where they made it as far as the semi-finals.

Fiji will now get to experience their thrilling performances at the Fiji Showcase 2024. The boys will be performing over the course of the event on the Vodafone External Entertainment Stage. The gates will open on the 5th of July and will carry on till the 13th of July. This will be held at the Vodafone Arena in Suva.


Tatau Dance Performance | SunPix Awards 2020


Below is a video of a previous performance from MR.MR that provides insight into just how energetic this Polynesian collective is: