I didn’t exactly need research to know this, since I’ve been to like at least 8 Office Xmas parties in my life, and let me tell you this, the things I’ve seen are enough to have people pay me to shut up.

It’s office Xmas party season, so if you thought this year was a drab, all you have to do is watch the quiet ones at your office Xmas party and they will make sure that you end the year with an unforgettable memory.

I realized that Xmas parties are usually events that nobody thinks about during the work year, but as soon as the festive season starts rolling around, everybody’s like “OMG can’t wait for the office Xmas party this year.”

Now, when I talk about scandals, I mean anything from fights breaking out to people being confident enough (thanks to alcohol) to confront their bosses about something they don’t like, so don’t think that this I’m only talking about things like “Omg who hooked up with who?”

If you’re going to be attending your office Xmas party this year, make sure to keep an eye and ear out for the next best story that will last in the office for, hopefully, a week or two.