Rats have strangely drained a number of confiscated alcohol bottles that were kept in police storage. The plastic bottles had been chewed through by the rodents, allowing the booze to seep out.


The authorities estimated that 60 to 65 tiny plastic bottles were impacted.


In retaliation, one rat was caught by the police and housed in a cage.


According to a police official, this was not an unusual occurrence. He clarified that the warehouse where confiscated goods are kept has turned into a rat’s playground and that the police station itself is fairly old.


He went on to say that the rats had also started chewing into the sacks holding the confiscated cannabis.


The cops have resorted to keeping the cannabis in iron tin crates in order to combat this.

Not only have the rats damaged the confiscated items, but they also presented a risk to significant papers. The police have taken precautions to store files separately and high, out of the rats’ reach, in order to avert any major loss.