Let’s not sugar coat this again shall we, after the $360 got passed out, we heard so many stories of gang boozing away their money

Now even though it wouldn’t be right for anyone to tell these people how to spend their money

We had too many stories of people getting drunk and causing a public nuisance by starting fights

It’s a pretty ugly sight, looking back at a few videos sent in and even a few drunks making Headlines

But within all these negative stories of drunkards… came this ray of sunshine

According to sources, a family in Raiwaqa had just planned a nice weekend grog session and whilst enjoying their grog they had put on some music… they got a pleasant surprise later that night when a few random drunk gang joined the grog session just to dance to the music they had on at the time… to which they took their leave straight after…

They came, they danced, they made them smile and they Left

Super Random but Super Awesome


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