Now that our favourite nightlife hotspots are back in business, with certain restrictions of course, what are some of the usual phrases that you’d hear when it came to planning a night out or actually being out?

We decided to ask our friends here at work about the popular phrases and here were their pics.


Whether it’s drinking grog or alcohol, this one is used almost all the time.

The trick, though, is to know when is the best time to use it, because it’s known to have misfired a few times, but that’s ok. We still have a few words and phrases to go.

“One jugs”

Yes, you read that right. Jugs with an “s”. This contradicting phrase came about when an invite to go out for only one jug would always end up with someone getting too drunk to even take themselves home.

“I just go fast to the toilet”

Aah the good old “excuse yourself to go to the restroom just to step” trick. Classic. I don’t understand this one, though. I mean if you want to go, just say goodbye and go. lol Literally no one is going to miss you when you leave if you’re the type that tends to step drinking sessions anyways.

“Ok put in, boys.”

I think this is my favourite one because when you’re at a party where you contribute to the drinks or the food or whatever it is, you tend to have more fun knowing that you helped make the party possible. Unless you’re the type that steps the contribution time, then please exit stage left.

“Just come ga!”

Ok I change my mind. This one is my favourite one hahaha This is the phrase that most people use when they just want you to be there. THey don’t expect you to pay for anything and they don’t want you to pay for anything. They just want your presence there because that’s how fun you are. If you hear that phrase a lot, congratulations! You’re the fun friend.

If you know of any more popular phrases or words that people use when it comes to going out clubbing, let us know in the comments.