Imagine sitting on the bus early in the morning but simultaneously being late for work and someone tells you to get off the bus.

This was the kind of morning for a few passengers who were told to get off the bus because they had no E-Ticketing Cards and paid for their fare with Cash. A huge crowd formed after the LTA Agents chased the passengers out of the bus, telling them to go and obtain E-Transport Cards in order for them to board the bus.


A few of the public followed these instructions and proceeded to the nearest outlets offering the needed services, only to find out that they were all out of E-Cards. Upon hearing this devastating news, they returned to the Nadi Public Bus Stand and caught up with the two Agents who became a number of problems that morning to a lot of people.

Luckily the Public did not retaliate with brute force but tried their hardest to keep cool in the midst of the chaos. Although there were a number of vulgar languages exchanged in the heat of it all, Thankfully there was no one hurt.

The public may have been aggressive with words but did not engage in force.