Hupfeld Hoerder with his show stopping piece



The weekend has come and gone and with that Fiji Fashion Week as well.

Over the weekend, I had gone to cover the show with a few others for both days and let me tell you something – it was amazing.

The designers here in Fiji have really come a long way in the last 15 years and it was evident in the collections that were showcased on both Friday and Saturday nights.

Not to mention the fact that there were also international designers there who showcased their pieces that were just as impressive as the local designers’.

The highlight for me was Australian DJ Nichol who had the crowd in a party mood all throughout both nights with her awesome sets.

Below are some of our favorite pieces from Friday and Saturday night:


DUATANI by Hosanna Kabakoro




ASHOURA by Bulou Caeway





AZA by Zulfiker Ali



Kiri Nathan by Kiri Nathan


House of Mausio by Michael Mausio



Nau Collections by Esiteri Selina


You can check out the Fiji Fashion Week Facebook page and check out the rest of the garments there.