We live in an era where tech is constantly being upgraded, remodelled, flipped then taken for a cruise around town. So we know that all the tech companies are always trying to wow us with their innovation skills so here is some new tec from the CES 2022. If you love your gadgets these should be on your list….so start saving or hinting to your partner.

These will be handy -Movano Rings

These are the Movano Ring which will monitor a wearer’s sleep habits, heart rate, respiration, blood oxygen levels, body temperature, and other health vitals. The company announced it’s also participating in two separate studies, one on blood-pressure monitoring and the other on glucose-level monitoring, with hopes of adding those features to the Movano Ring in the future.

Why it’s cool is that The Movano Ring goes beyond typical health and fitness tracking and is less of a novelty wearable. It provides legitimate health insight. And, if the brand is able to get it officially cleared by the Food and Drug Administration, it would classify as a medical device, adding to its already long list of benefits. All in all, this will be a great way to track your partner’s heart rate…..IYKYK!!!



2. Sony A95K QD OLED 4K TV

Sony’s latest flagship 4K OLED TV, the A95K, carries over everything we loved about its 2021 models, including perfect black levels and an infinite contrast ratio. This new TV also adds an advanced colour technology, called quantum dots, for even better picture performance.



The cool part of the A95K is set to be the first consumer OLED (a type of screen that individually illuminates or shuts off pixels) to use quantum dots, and the feature will allow the TV to look more vibrant than any other OLED on the market. On typical OLED displays, colours can wash out in bright scenes, but Sony says quantum dots let the A95K maintain bold, accurate saturation. It will be like peeping into the future. A little hiccup would be though quantum dots will make colors look more vibrant, Sony says we shouldn’t expect a big jump in the TV’s overall brightness compared to last year’s top OLEDs.

When you can buy it and how much it costs: The A95K will be released this year and Sony says pricing and availability will be coming up.


3. LG S95QR Soundbar


LG S95QR Soundbar

This is the LG’s new S95QR which is a premium soundbar system that includes separate rear speakers, a dedicated subwoofer, and up-firing drivers that can bounce audio off your ceiling. It supports a whopping 9.1.5 channels so you’ll get genuine Dolby Atmos to surround sound with effects from all directions, including overhead. The S95QR stood out from other soundbars announced at CES 2022 thanks to its unique up-firing centre channel. This centre channel is designed to elevate dialogue and make it sound like speech is actually coming from your TV screen to create a more cinematic experience, imagine watching a horror flick with this soundbar…….Heart attack saraga. As for the pricing LG has decided on it.

This is just the tip of the Iceberg for the new gadgets that were announced in Las Vegas but these items should be on your wish list.


{Souce Insider}