Every night at home, my sister will have dinner ready for my dad before he knocks off work, but last night was different. Last night, she decided that it was a great time to watch Shang-Chi without me.

Mind you, yesterday was when her second jab was due, so it seemed like everything was going as planned. She was now finally able to go watch a movie at the cinemas and feel the experience of watching a cinematic masterpiece on the big screen instead of her usually pirating ways where she’d just look for a good copy of a movie to watch on her phone.


My sister who thought watching Shang-Chi before me was totally ok. SIKE!


She gets her second jab, meets up with her friend, and they begin on their journey to watch probably one of the most exciting movies of 2021. It was going to be epic!

They reach the cinemas and there’s one hell of a line to the counter, but they thought, “You know what? We can wait. The movie is worth the wait.”

10 minutes later and they’re finally at the counter. This is it. These are the last few minutes that’s separating them from finally watching Shang-Chi. Just when she was taking her money out to pay for the tickets, the lady behind the glass window of judgement says,

“It says you just got vaccinated today? You’ll have to wait 12 days after your second jab to be able to watch a movie here.”

She couldn’t believe it. SHE WAS ONLY SECONDS AWAY FROM HER GOLDEN TICKETS!! Was this lady being serious? Yes. She was. Oh well. I may have been lowkey wishing for something to happen for them to not watch their movie, so maybe it was the universe listening to my request or maybe it just wasn’t their lucky day, but one thing’s for sure, she’s not gonna watch that movie without or before me lmao