Let’s start with a disclaimer, I love animals. I’m definitely an animal person and love dogs just as much as the next person. However, this one dog in particular seems to be testing my level of love.


For the past few months, I had noticed that my clothes were coming from the clean laundry pile with holes and tears in them. I was super confused.

Maybe there was something sharp in the washing machine? Maybe I was too vigorous with my washing technique? I just needed to know “WHAT WAS THE REASON?!”



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I had asked the other residents if they were experiencing the same thing. Surprisingly, it was just my clothes that were all tattered up. Dresses, shorts, jackets and even, yes you guessed it, underwear as well. Now I’m frustrated at this point because I would have to throw out the ripped-up undies and I was slowly running low on undergarments.


Fast forward to last week, I was sitting in the living room where the pile of laundry fresh off the clothing line was sitting on the sofa. I was lawlessly scrolling through social media when out of the corner of my eye, I saw my sister’s dog Bubbles going ham on a piece of clothing. Yes, it was my clothes that Bubbles was tearing up.

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Ah ha! I found the culprit. The crime had been solved. From that point forth, I made it a point to fold and put away my clothes the moment they came off the clothing line, which I guess, is what most people who have their lives together do.


But the question still remains, why was it just my clothes? Does Bubbles have a personal vendetta against me? Is Bubbles trying out a new diet?


In the words of Kanye West, ” I guess we’ll never know”

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