A mother and son are captivating social media because of their stunning multi-coloured eyes that are both blue and black.

Elizabeth Tyler and her one-year-old son Liam Mexus have heterochromia iridium, a congenital condition that causes them both to have two different eye colours within one iris.

However, while they both have the same condition, it has affected them differently; while Elizabeth, a business owner and influencer from Ohio, has striking deep blue and brown-black eyes, Liam has one blue eye while his second eye has a tinge of both blue and black colour.

The condition does not typically cause any major medical issues

The condition itself is rare – it is even more uncommon for it to be passed down through generations. However, Elizabeth and her son are not the only members of their family with heterochromia iridium – both her father and siblings were also born with the rare condition.

Heterochromia iridium is more commonly found in animals, particularly white dogs and cats.


However, Elizabeth loves the fact that her rare condition makes her and her son stand out from the crowd, explaining that she wants to use her unique eyes to show others that it is ‘okay to be different.


‘I love my eyes because they are unique. It’s okay to be different,’ Elizabeth said.

(source: Metro.The UK)