Since Fiji Fashion Week 22 ended last weekend, there have been a lot of mixed reactions from the community about it.

Some were good, and of course, others were not so good, but when you are put out on a public platform like that, you are bound to get the reaction that FJFW got in the past couple of days.

Everyone has the right to their own opinions, but sometimes we tend to use that right to cause more damage than harm to a person’s life and the trans model, Francis Tiko Mataitoga, of FJFW felt the brunt of it after the show.



FJFW has done a fantastic job promoting inclusivity in their shows but seeing that it is now pride month, it’s sad to see that the cyberbullying trend is still alive and well in our community.

So much so that it even caught the attention of Miss Nevada USA 2021, Kataluna Enriquez, the first trans woman to compete in the Miss USA Pageant.



Miss Enriquez had words of encouragement for Francis and any other trans model that would like to pursue a career in an industry that puts you smack dab in the middle of the public eye and we love to see it.



Her message of positivity and spreading love, not hate seemed very heartfelt and we hope this encourages us to be more kind to those who are just trying to do something they’re passionate about that isn’t hurting anyone.