When it comes to food, especially meat it’s safe to say that we love Meat here in the Pacific. Whether it’s Roasted or in your Soup meat is something most of us can’t live without.

Every country has its own unique culture and with that, different types of cuisine. From the go-to Lovo(earth oven) that we all enjoy to the chicken chow mein of China and all its flavours. But imagine a bowl of Rat Soup sitting in front of you during your Sunday Lunch or Dinner. Would you eat it?

For many of us, rat meat ranks pretty highly on the list of things we wouldn’t be caught dead eating, but in the region of San Luis Potosí in Mexico, it has long been valued for its exotic flavour and alleged medicinal properties. However, in recent years, stalls selling rat meat and dishes containing it have all but disappeared from local markets. All except one in Mercado República de San Luis Potosí, which still sells both raw rats and rodent broth cooked with an assortment of vegetables and spices. Each bowl of rat broth contains a whole field rat and sells for 100 pesos ($5.80).

So the question stands, Would eat this dish?