In the early hours of the morning, Maya was awoken when she heard her partner yelling through their bedroom window.

She and her partner were returning from town when they noticed two men standing by a parked car at the bottom of their driveway. It was odd seeing how secluded her home is and how early it was.

The two thought nothing of it and carried on into the house.

It wasn’t until later her partner heard footsteps coming up the driveway. He had seen two figures standing in the driveway of their house. It appeared as though they were scanning the house.

Her partner had yelled at what appeared to be the same boys from the bottom of the driveway.

They were scared off but lingered around the compound for a while. They left thereafter and Maya heard them speed off in the same car that was parked out front.

Times are dangerous right now and this testimony is a reminder to remain vigilant of your surroundings. Things could have escalated had the couple not been alert at the time. It could happen to anyone at any time. Let’s try to protect ourselves and our homes.

Stay safe.