It’s no secret that Suva schools, Marist Brothers High School and Suva Grammar are rivals, particularly when it comes to sporting events. Throughout the Coca-Cola Games 2024, that rivalry was obvious and acted out, especially with the ex-scholars.

A few ex-scholars took the years-old rivalry a bit too seriously and ended up defacing private property… with permission of course.

Drix aka King Kokoroji is a proud ex-scholar of Suva Grammar. The majority of his closest friends are also SGS OBs except for one, namely Alphonsus who was the victim of this revenge prank.

In a video shared on Facebook, Drix mentioned that in the lead-up to the Coca-Cola Games and over the course of the competition, Alphonsus had been “talking smack” about Suva Grammar and even “disrespecting” his landlord who is an ex-scholar of MGM.

Alphonsus' landlord



In an attempt to get back at Alphonsus for all his smack-talking, Drix paired up with a close friend and fellow SGS OB, Za. Together, Drix and Za were able to convince Alphonsus’ landlord to allow them to tag the flat that Alphonsus is currently renting in. Once given the green light, the two immediately got to work. They went out to shop for their supplies and came back to the flat to get started.

Bear in mind that earlier in the day, Drix was in Naitasiri and travelled all the way back to Suva to carry out this task. That’s how much it meant to him and his friends to get revenge on Alphonsus.

Two hours had lapsed and the project was completed. Now all that was left was the BIG REVEAL!


Watch the full story and see Alphonsus’s reaction at the link below: