In the great scheme of things their only a few times where we can be wowed , this is one if those times.

American Phil Stringer  experienced a dream scenario when he boarded a flight and hit the ultimate travel goal, try this for size: an entire plane to HIMSELF.

Well, he had to show a bit of patience just cause  on the morning of the flight there was whole lot of delays due to storms that saw more than 9,000 US flights cancelled or delayed over the weekend.

As the delay got longer and longer – Stringer says

departure was pushed back no fewer than seven times – other passengers due to travel either rebooked their flights or gave up entirely, but he kept waiting.

By the time the plane finally took off at 12 minutes past midnight, he was the only one to board.

He filmed the process and posted a video to Tiktok , showing the experience.

“I’m the only person on the plane and they have an entire flight crew, they don’t want to do this flight,”

Well these are the fruits of waiting over 18 hours for a flight and oh did he score big.

It would sound a bit snobbish but having a whole plane to yourself and have attendee….That sounds like a vibe!!

(Source: CNN)