This morning was a pretty special morning as we had one of the international designers for Fiji Fashion Week on the Mid-Morning show with Penny.

Kiri Nathan is a household name in New Zealand as she has won awards as well as worked with some of the biggest celebrities in the world from superstars like Beyonce and Kevin Hart to world leaders like Barack Obama.



This wasn’t the first time Kiri has come to Fiji, but it was her husband’s first time which, she jokingly said during the interview this morning, was one of the main reasons she accepted the offer from Fiji Fashion Week.



Her husband, Jason Nathan, is also a huge contributor to her fashion journey as he is the one who carves and designs the pounamu that she uses in her collections. He has carved pounamu’s for celebrities as well and I think that will be the closest I ever get to meeting them lol



Kiri and Jason started their fashion journey 12 years ago and it wasn’t smooth sailing from the beginning as they had to overcome several obstacles since a major part of their line had to do with their culture. She even spoke about how colonization has set them back so far that they will now have to work even harder to reclaim their culture and its fullness thereof.




You can check out more on what Kiri has to offer from her collection this year at the FJFW in this FB Live video:


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