‘The jury gave me my life back.’ – Johnny Depp

These are the words of Johnny Depp who celebrates in the UK as he wins defamation trial against ‘heartbroken’ ex-wife Amber Heard and walks away with $8.35M in damages

We have been taken on a rollercoaster of emotions, where a dog stepped on a bee, tears were shed and honour was regained.

The jury ruled in Johnny Depp’s favor today in his blockbuster defamation case against Amber Heard where Depp was awarded $15million in punitive and compensatory damages.

The judge reduced the punitive damages to the Virginia maximum of $350,000 so Johnny will now only receive $8.35million in total after paying Heard $2million

Amber Heard was awarded $2million in compensatory damages and zero in punitive damages

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“The Pirates of Caribbean” star was not present as he was in the UK on tour with guitar legend Jeff Beck – a source claimed it was due to ‘previously scheduled work commitments

Meanwhile, Heard walked into court wearing a black dress and appeared anxious

In a dramatic courtroom moment, the jury returned with their verdict only to be told by the judge that they had not completed the paperwork properly

During the six-week trial in Fairfax, Virginia, Depp called 38 witnesses while Heard’s team called 24

Both Depp and Heard gave evidence for four days each, including a cross-examination from the opposition lawyers

The court heard audio recordings that Depp and Heard made during their arguments

The jury saw dozens of texts, photos, videos, medical records and even pages from the former couple’s ‘Love Journal’ they hand wrote to each other

In total, the Jury reviewed over 100 hours of evidence before reaching a decision.



Source: DailyMail.Uk