When it comes to beats and remixes we tend to put them on the back burner. There has been so much discrimination when it comes to local DJs and beatmakers and they are often called out in the past for mixing and mashing songs that were perfectly fine. This is not the case now as it’s a growing field with everyone finding their sound

This brings us to the new FM96 Bus Jam that was made by two gifted beatmakers Jaycobz Muzik and Ice Beats FJ. They’re a new mix that is nothing short of magic and  I know your playlist needs this masterpiece!!!

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Well, the beats were made from scratch and it builds the whole atmosphere that will get you jiving before the drop. I mean you wouldn’t know that the sound was from tires screeches, a piece from a guitar strum and chopped vocals to provide the song with a melody. All this was made in a week to come up with nothing less than magic.


The Duo mentioned that they aspire to collab with Doctor Stuevee and Lockside Sama from New Caledonia. (One Day Mafatu)

This is just the tip of the iceberg and you catch the boys at the Fiji Fashion Week Pre Show and After Party.

Listen in to FM96 to catch the song “CORALINE” mixed and produced by Ice Beats FJ and JayCobz Muzzik.