Let’s talk about how hard it is to hold in the urge to use the loo and it happens “conveniently” when you’re rushing back from a grog session at a friend’s place who conveniently stays miles away from your place



The thing about grog sessions is that you frequently use the loo to empty out your bladder

And it’s when you don’t empty it out and you tatau and the Taxi is already waiting outside… that’s where the mistake lies

Almost as soon as you leave your friends house, the feeling kicks in

You start to squirm in your seat and the journey starts to drag… like you were stuck in a moment where time has slowed down just to torture you

It’s usually at this moment when you realize the quality of the roads in Fiji

If you focus well enough… you’ll find that you’ve somehow gained a gift

You’re able to scrutinize the quality of the roads in Fiji

In fact, my uncle once told me that he was able to count the number of patches and potholes from Valelevu all the way to Delainavesi

Wow… If he were a superhero what would you call him?

Anyway… have you ever been through this… let us know…