Have you ever had a crippling fear? Well….who doesn’t but this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying life. My friend Penny has ‘Globophobia’ which is the fear of balloons. I love my friend so much that I have been trying to help her.

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As any good friend you want to help them overcome their fears. This has led me to a theory that for her to overcome her fear, she will need to be exposed to ballons as much as she can. In my experience those who suffer from the fear of balloons are very hesitant with the upfront approach, so you’ll need to surprise them every now and again.

She didn’t really like the round of treatment but you’ll have to be strong for your friend. Repetition is the key to perfection.




See how sad she is at her party ….it’s because of the balloons. Well if you have a buddy that is scared of balloons please help them, like how I’m helping Penny. If you love your friends you won’t stop till they are happy. All for you Taci