At this point, the suspense is killing me, but I guess all we can do now is be patient and wait for what the jury has decided.

The jury has asked for more time to make a decision which can only mean that the decision has been split down the middle.

One person in the FM96 team that has been following this trial religiously is Bunene and when I came in to work this morning, I saw her hunched over the computer monitor waiting for the updates from the trial lol It was a sight to see, but then it just goes to show the impact that this case has on people all around the world and not just the two that are involved.

This is quite shocking seeing the amount of support that Johnny has been getting over the past few weeks but I guess that’s why the jury has to be neutral.

Depp fans all around the world are awaiting the end of this trial, so let’s just wait and see what the jury decides.