A grandma is making more of an effort to get her family to eat her Christmas meal.


Since her husband passed away in 2015, Caroline Duddridge has been pleading with her family to cover the cost of her Christmas dinner. She will be charging them more this weekend than she has in the past due to rising food prices and an increasing cost of living.


The Welshwoman forced her adult sons to pay £15 ($41.88 FJD) a piece in 2022. She even charged for her grandchildren, and her three daughters were forced to pay £10 ($27.92 FJD). Her 3-year-old grandchildren each paid £2.50 ($6.98 FJD), while those above the age of five owed £5 ($13.96 FJD).


The 63-year-old Duddridge requests that her family send the funds directly to her bank account so that she can “keep track of any stragglers.”


Many criticized her decision to charge her family when word of her strategy leaked out in prior years. However, she said that a large number of individuals praised her choice online.