A prankster has allegedly hidden a giant shark statue at the bottom of a lake with the hope of terrifying divers.

Social media users have been in hysterics after a video began circulating on Instagram showing the sharp-toothed behemoth in all of its glory.

The statue is an estimated 20 feet long and made of fibreglass with a devilishly menacing smile. The statue, first discovered in 2002, has become an attraction for many tourists with the diving equipment to visit the underwater beast.

It’d be funny if one of them were taking a picture with it and out of nowhere the eye blinks and the mouth opens up wider and bites down.

an Instagram user joked.

Other users said they just wouldn’t be able to contain their fear if they happened to bump into the shark and they would quickly fill their diving suits. Others joked that the shark is so terrifying someone is set to get sued after a diver has a heart attack after an encounter.

[Source: UNILAD]