Youth nowadays will always find a way to cop the latest fashion piece. Whether it be a snapback, fanny pack, sneakers, or a basic tee, if it’s trending, they will try their best to get their hands on it.

Here is a list of fashion trends that swept the nation throughout the years:

4. Snapbacks

Every kid owned a snapback. Whether it be of their favourite rugby team or a bilo (grog bowl) embroided on the front, snapbacks will always be a go-to on a hot summer day.

3. Sling bags

Convenient, lightweight, and stylish. You can never go wrong with a sling bag.

2. RingsĀ 

Currently popular among boys. One would go with a black ring with a skull on it rather than a plain one.

1. Nike basketball shorts

Everyone went crazy with this one. You could be walking through town and spot seven people wearing the exact same shorts. It comes in all sorts of colours and is light on the pockets.

What is something you think will be on every kid’s wishlist this year?