Fiji Fashion Week 2024 is promising to be a success with some old and new designers who are hoping to make a name for themselves on the runway!


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Today was the second “Fashion Mob Show” by Fiji Fashion Week under the watchful eye of Temesia Tuicaumia (@temesia.fjtraveller).

Who with the help of his dedicated volunteers and stunning models, put on quite a show at the Damodar City Center in Laucala Bay, Suva earlier this morning.

If I may also add, the outfits and the models themselves would be worthy of any runway worldwide! Absolutely stunning!

They made a statement today proving that if you’re feeling confident in who you are and what you’re wearing

ANYWHERE can be your runway.

One can only imagine what the runway will look like come the launch of Fiji Fashion Week 2024 on the 25th of May.

Tickets for the show are selling for as low as $10 so get yours now to avoid disappointment!