Okay imagine this ….. you get married today and then your ‘In-Laws’ say that as the bride you will take a 4 year holiday. Well this actually happens, ladies.

This is a tradition practised in South Sudan with the Dinka Tribe

Despite payment of dowry that ranges from 100 to 500 cows, women are treated godly.

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Once a man gets married, his wife will not cook or sweep for 4 years. This period is called “Anyuuc” (Generous Welcoming). It is meant for the new bride to rest, relax and study her husband’s homestead values.

Anyuuc Marriage Tradition of Dinka Tribe, Where Newly Married Women Are Not  Allowed To Cook or do Chores for 4 Years
“Anyuuc” (Generous Welcoming)

During this time someone has to do all the chores, so the responsibility lands with the husband’s sister who will do the cooking, washing utensils, collecting firewood, fetching water, and doing other domestic work till later.

After 4 years, her husband decides to arrange a very big party called “Thaat” (cooking festival) where 3 cows and 5 goats are used to initiate a wife into cooking for the family.

But do get it twisted this whole thing is quite fragile. So during this time if a man misbehaves between the 4 years the wife can decide to leave and she doesn’t even have to pay back the dowry.

Just a quick question WHERE THE DINKA MEN AT? asking for a friend


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