It goes without saying that the Blue Ribbon race is the most awaited event at the Coca-Cola Games every year. This year, the participants for the Senior Boys 100m include:

  1. Senirusi Rauqe – QVS

  2. Semesa Caginivalu – SGS

  3. Aisake Manna – SGS
  4. Penaia Ramasirai – MGM

  5. Josevani Ramaraca – BDAC

  6. Samuela Navitalai – RKS


Let’s take a closer look at Semesa Caginivalu of Suva Grammar who won the Blue Ribbon title at the Coca-Cola Suva Zone 2 competition this year. He hails from Nakavika Village in Namosi and ran a manual time of 10.13 seconds. A significant fact about this promising athlete is that he was also the blue ribbon tag last year.

As gifted as Caginivalu is, he will be met with tough competition in the senior boys’ blue ribbon event from his Suva Grammar teammate Aisake Manna, Queen Victoria School’s Senirusi Rauqe, Penaia Ramasirai of Mahatma Gandhi Memorial and Josevani Ramaraca who will be representing Bhawani Dayal Arya College.


For preface, Ramaraca won gold in the Coca-Cola Triple N Zone and dedicated his win to his father who is suffering from arthritis. He also mentioned that his father is his biggest motivator as he prepares for the Coca-Cola Games.


Ramaraca has taken part in two prior editions of the Coca-Cola Games but hadn’t managed to secure a spot in the blue ribbon final until this year.


The Coke Games boys 100m record is 10.43sec which was set in 2011 by Banuve Tabakaucoro of MBHS. Can it be matched or broken this year?

Banuve out of the 2012 Coca Cola Games

Check out this dissection done by the FM96 Crackfast team on each student athlete’s profile:


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