Reink Case C1 NFC Color Smart Electronic Ink Phone Case for iPhone 13 – ReinkCase

I’ve always wanted to have my picture on the back of my phone case, but that shizzle is expensive!!

I came across this video on Tiktok and I was like, “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT???!!! PHONE CASES CAN DO THIS TOO??”

Through the special Reink program, you can display any image of your choice on the case’s screen.

Notably, this case became the world’s first device to use four-color ink, providing a more realistic image display than competitors using three-color ink.

The case has a design and feels as if you are holding a regular iPhone, thanks to the use of matte glass, similar to what is used in the iPhone 15, and metal buttons.

There are no magnets inside the case, but it is thin enough to support MagSafe charging.

Unusual case with color screen released for iPhone: First photos and videos

One of the important advantages is that the case does not require charging. All data transfer and power supply operations are carried out through NFC, and the energy consumption is so low that it has virtually no effect on the smartphone’s battery life.

The Reink Case C1 is suitable for all models of iPhone 13, 14, and 15, except for the iPhone 13 mini.

Check out the video below:

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